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ON A 1892 SHIP

During the cruise, you can not only admire the panorama of the Capital from the perspective of the Vistula, but also attend lessons in history of Warsaw and learn about the services provided by "Fat Kaśka" to the city, the secrets of Port Praski or the role of the Vistula during the Second World War.

We are offering regular guided cruises in Polish and English on board of the 1892 Loewentin ship.

The ship operates on week days and weekends according to the timetable. Guided Cruises down the Vistula on the whole length of Warsaw take 1.5 hours. The full timetable of cruises is always updated with a few-days’ notice both on the main website and in BUY TICKET tab, where you can buy tickets for a selected cruise.

The itinerary of a Guided Cruise on board of Loewentin includes admiring such city highlights as: Warsaw’s bridges, entry to the Czerniakowski Harbour, wild beaches of the Vistula, the National Stadium, Warsaw’s Mermaid, the Copernicus Science Centre, a picturesque panorama of Powiśle and the old Town, the Jan Karski Vistula Boulevards, the Fountain Park or the entry to the Praga Harbour.

Loewentin’s guests have at their disposal:

  • two sunny decks with seats
  • two luxurious cabins with wooden finish
  • total capacity of 80 guests
  • well-stocked bar and grill on deck
  • sound system and microphone
  • catering packages at very attractive prices
  • two high standard bathrooms
  • utility room, which can be used as cloakroom or storage

There is no booking service for Loewentin cruises. Tickets can be bought only via the website. Discounts are available to children under 6 and school children with valid student ID cards. The offer does not include organised groups. We encourage you to browse our offer and buy tickets!


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The VIP offer includes unlimited use of bar and
grill during our Guided Cruise. Feel like you're on a voyage!

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This offer is valid only for adult tickets
purchased from the Organizer.
Promotional offers cannot be combined with other discounts.

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